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Oman bans work visas for expats in more than 200 professions

The decision was issued by His Excellency Professor Mahad Bin Said Bin Ali Baawain, Minister of Labour.

TAS News Service

Sunday, July 17, 2022

MUSCAT: Oman’s Ministry of Labour has imposed a ban on expats practicing more than 200 professions in the country.

The decision issued by His Excellency Professor Mahad Bin Said Bin Ali Baawain, Minister of Labour banned 207 professions including the Director of Human Resources, the Director of Recruitment, the Director of Personnel Affairs, and the Director of Public Relations.

Following are the professions that are banned for expats (The full list will be updated soon)

  1. Administrative director ( Manager).
  2. Director/ Manager of Staff Affairs
  3. Public Relations Director/ Manager
  4. Human Resources Director/ Manager
  5. Director of Public Relation and External Communications.
  6. Director/ Manager of the CEO’s Office
  7. Employment Director/ Manager
  8. Follow up Director/ Manager
  9. Security supervisor
  10. Director / Manager of Admission and Registration
  11. Student Affairs Director/ Manager
  12. Career Guidance Director/ Manager
  13. Fuel station manager
  14. Deputy Director / Manager General
  15. Director/ Manager
  16. General manager
  17. Human resources specialist
  18. Employment specialist
  19. Librarian
  20. Executive coordinator
  21. Work contracts regulator
  22. Store supervisor
  23. Debts Collector
  24. Construction tools and equipment officer
  25. Water meter reader
  26. Tourist guide
  27. Travel ticketing officer
  28. Travellers services officer
  29. Delivery agent
  30. Guard
  31. Guard
  32. Security guard
  33. Bus driver
  34. Public car driver(taxis)
  35. Receptionist
  36. Customs Clearance Clerk
  37. Bank Clerk
  38. Accounts Clerk
  39. Assistant Accounts Clerk
  40. Insurance Clerk
  41. Customs Clerk
  42. Tax Account Clerk
  43. Contact Centre Operator
  44. General Receptionist
  45. Aviation Operations Instructor
  46. Data Entry Supervisor
  47. Oil and Gas Occupational Inspector
  48. Workshop Supervisor
  49. System Analyst Technician
  50. Recruitment Specialist
  51. Administrative Controller
  52. Administrative Specialist
  53. Resource Planning and Distribution Specialist
  54. Subscriber Services System Supervisor
  55. Risk Insurance Specialist