Wednesday, October 25, 2023


Women: We are the philosophy of creation! 

Meenu Prasad shares her candid views on the judgmental attitude that women have to endure, often by other women, and addresses the issue with practical suggestions.

By Meenu Prasad

Friday, October 20, 2023

We women are carriers of resilience. We have the ‘wisdom’ as we are born with an instinctive ability to assess what is wrong and good and still hold kindness in every deed and speech we make. We women symbolise a lot of humanitarian traits that are not taught over time, but are instead infused into the nature of our creation. 

But, in this fast-paced world, we have witnessed far too much pride and debates over significant issues. What is unacceptable is that over time, women have started to carry a lot of undesirable traits among themselves, one of which is unhealthy competition, and that needs to be addressed seriously. Let’s not ignore the misunderstanding we have going on amongst us. 

Group of smiling multiracial female friends looking at each other while having coffee break at table on terrace of cafeteria

The purpose of women’s day is to promote self-awareness, aid in understanding other women, and to encourage and support one another, in addition to celebrating the progression of gender.

Due to a variety of factors, many women now, unconsciously, have a tendency to judge one another harshly. This causes women to treat other women poorly, undervalue them, and distance themselves from them in an effort to gain more power and respect from their peers. 

So, let’s address this issue head-on and break the cycle of women’s rivalry. 

Many people take foolish pleasure in placing a lady in such a humiliating condition when they discover her helpless in a third-world situation. Could we try, just for a moment, to put ourselves in the position of the lady who is in a difficult situation? 

Any number of situations could be at play; it could be their subpar performance, their unfavourable demeanour, their ignorance, or even a rumour. Or simply anything that could undermine her respect and stand amongst a group. 

We ladies are powerful beings with a lot of impact on the world.

So how can we break this cycle of putting each other down and judging each other, instead of lifting each other up like a true lady?

By being a mentor, being an advocate, and creating chances, we support fellow women. 

By demonstrating that there is space for many, you can change how women interact in neighbourhoods, at work and social gatherings. Don’t judge a woman if you see her struggling, instead be a lady and check how you can assist. Work on successful relationship building strategies. Begin to notice your fellow ladies’ efforts and give credit for their creativity, achievements, and contributions. Recognize and applaud successful women in gatherings, in friends groups or even colleagues.

Instead of criticising her and assassinating her character, talk to the woman privately, to comprehend any essential problem – if you ever find her in a corner during a quarrel. A lady who is uninformed of the opinions and reviews of other women could definitely benefit from this. It’s critical to address the mindset of other women in order to set the stage for one another’s growth as individuals.

As painful female combat is, at least we can help the other women who are going through difficulties if we can’t change the circumstances. 

We don’t want to make other women feel threatened by us; instead, we should embrace sisterhood, because all women share similar maternal instincts and maternal compassion. Let’s encourage women’s authentic selves and dispel the misconception that women are egotistical. Let’s give our female counterparts a voice!

At the end of the day, addressing these issues is what makes any celebration of women meaningful.