Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Oman News

Chances of thunderstorm over several parts of Oman

Thunderstorms are expected to affect the mountainous areas of South Al Batinah, North Al Batinah, Musandam, Al Dakhiliya, Buraimi Al Dhahira, Muscat and North Al Sharqiyah Governorates from 11am to 11pm today, October 25

TAS News Service

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Muscat – According to the Oman Meteorology forecast, “cumulus cloud activity is expected over the Hajar Mountains and adjacent areas today (Wednesday) with chances of rain of varying intensity, thunderstorms at times, accompanied by active descending winds, hail, and flow of valleys and reefs during the afternoon and evening periods.”

The weather forecast includes rainfalls ranging between 20-80 mm, downdraft wind (15-40 knots), poor horizontal visibility due to dust rising during thundershowers and flash floods in wadis.
The Met office urges everyone to move away from low places and wadis, and not to attempt swimming in wadis.